Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trumpets Heard Worldwide

Do you think the prayers of our forefathers faded into oblivion and that it was spent in vain? See below and think again! 

Beginning from 2008 European Calendar, sounds of the trumpet along side periodic drum beats are being heard all around the world with the exception of Africa.  The frequency of the sounds has been increasing steadily peaking in 2012. The sound has an approaching and a receding and then an approaching and a receding pattern. In some cases it ends with a bang. This trumpet sound from the sky is heard from hundreds of places and many of those who witnessed the events have recorded the sound. 

According to Paul Hagley, a musician named Shawn Fussell who lives in Texas took all the recorded trumpet noises from the sky and combined the audio tracks together and played them at the same time. Here is what he got courtesy of a person called Paul Hagley.

Does it sound familiar to you? If it doesn't, take a listen to Yaredawi Mahlet here.

Remember the words of our Lord through the mouth of Isaias? Here it is:

Woe to the land of winged ships located beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

He will send messengers by sea and letters on water. Swift messengers will proceed toward a tall, strange and wicked people. Which people are downtrodden and hopeless? They will live in their own countries and the rivers of the earth will live like the lands that support their residents. From the heads of the mountains a sign will be raised and a trumpet will be heard.

The Lord told me this: "My dwelling will be silent like at the time of a scorching day heat and like during a cloud of dew at the time of harvest." Before the harvest, when the bud is good, and the grape is ripened, he shall cut off the stems with sickle and remove the branches. These will be left for the consumption of the fouls of the sky and for the beasts of the land. The fouls of the sky and the beasts of the earth will feast in the litter.

Then a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts at Mount Tsion from the people who live by their rivers who were downtrodden, weak and hopeless - a great people whose hopes were in the Lord from this time to eternity. [Isaias 18, G'eez (Ethiopic) version]

The trumpets are heard all over the world and were heard as recently as four days ago.

Notice that neither Paul Hagley nor Shawn Fusell knew what the beats were. They had not heard such rhythm before because they  lived protestants. In fact, Paul Hagley thought it was an orchestra performing in the sky.  Here is his reaction.

Here are some of the sounds separately:

And here:

And here:

For more of the events in 2012 and before and to see the map of event locations, look at this link:  Trumpets From The Sky

Glory to our Lord!

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